How to trigger plugin exclusive rule

Hi All,
Just noticed this today when I tried to use both Zillow and Redfin. I’m curious about the mechanism behind its activation. Is it controlled by OpenAI, or can it be configured by the plugin developer? Thank you.


Thanks for reaching that. The activation of ChatGPT Plugins is controlled by OpenAI.
This seems unusual. It could be an issue with the plugins themselves, or it could be related to the platform.

Did you noticed this happening with other plugins?

Up until now, this is the only caseI’ve encountered. This might be an undocumented feature from OpenAI, given that both Zillow and Redfin have implemented similar actions. This could potentially lead to confusion for ChatGPT when both are used simultaneously.

Just fyi, I was able to install both plugins at the same time. Based on the prompt, ChatGPT decided on one or the other but it used Redfin more often. Also, I ran into this case where ChatGPT made requests to both plugins given the same prompt. However, all of the five returned listings are from Zillow