Dynamic Plugin Features Curiosity - is this against the rules?

I’m curious if it’s against the rules first on this one. Can you make a series of if/then statements in the manifest examples section to tell the model about different possible use cases of the plugin when used in combination with other plugins?

For instance my plugin if fairly simple, DM Tool Kit, it just grants the model access to the full dice mechanics of the d20 and Fate/Fudge Dice systems.

But, when used in combination with a webbrowsing plugin or a pdf reading plugin it becomes easily trained on a narrow focus for a variety of useful tasks. And if i could provide the model with those example use cases there, I believe it may even be able to suggest those to the user as options to help the user decide what they want to do. If the creature generator plugin is available it could help illustrate random encounters, youtube query plugin can help you plan your campaign outline, etc. The use cases go on. Sometimes it gets the idea, but more often than not i have to be pretty explicit in the instructions for it to figure out how to use the plugins together. I think that can be improved with this method but don’t want to break any rules.

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Your approach appears fine to me. If you are only making suggestions for the user to install plugins to help them out, I don’t see anything in the rules against this. The user is still in control of the chat.

If you find a way for one plugin to direct another plugin to do something without the user’s consent, then I think you will run into problems. However, I don’t see anything in the rules prohibiting this case either.

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In regards to your approach, you can provide the the OpenAPI spec of the other plugin services to ChatGPT. Set up a method in your spec instructing ChatGPT how to retrieve the other plugin specs. You can strip out those paths in the other spec that are not relevant to your use case. Then ChatGPT will know exactly how to use the other plugins. That should make the job of stitching them together much easier.

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I would not have thought of that method. I can see the benefit in that approach in reducing how much I’d need to input in there if done as a series of If this plugin then this new combination use case example. Especially as the number of plugins grows daily.