How to track API usage and cost with each APIs from dashboard?

I have a team of multiple people, but each person’s expenses are global spendings, which makes it very difficult for me to keep track of the expenses.

So can the dashboard display the expenses for each API? or in other words, the expenses for each organization member? :disappointed_relieved:

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I believe their recent Usage page change enabled this. I can’t find the blog post at the moment, though.

Ah, here we go…

New ways to understand API usage and manage API keys

We are launching two platform improvements to give developers both more visibility into their usage and control over API keys.

First, developers can now assign permissions to API keys from the API keys page. For example, a key could be assigned read-only access to power an internal tracking dashboard, or restricted to only access certain endpoints.

Second, the usage dashboard and usage export function now expose metrics on an API key level after turning on tracking. This makes it simple to view usage on a per feature, team, product, or project level, simply by having separate API keys for each.

Is that what you’re wanting?

Thank you for your reply, PaulBellow, but I only saw the number of requests per API and user in “Usage-Activity”.

And in “Usage-Cost”, there is only the cost of the entire team

Is there any hidden feature that I haven’t noticed?
For example, I can use a bar chart in “Usage-Cost” to display the expenses of each team member or APIs.

I only have one user/org, so I’m not sure.

IF you click Activity, on the far right there’s usage broken down by keys, but I think it’s number of requests, not their actual usage.

Are you not tracking on your own on the backend?

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Yes, I’m the owner of the team

What I want is to know what percentage of our total spending is for each API?

It is obvious that the current dashboard does not meet our requirements

All members of our organization are testing their projects using their own APIs and Organization ID

But we can only pay the bills evenly, which is unfair for some members who use their own APIs less frequently

So for now, each of us has created their own account and made separate payments

So if the dashboard of the team owner can clearly see not only the number of requests but also the cost bills of different member APIs, it would be a great help for us