HOW TO OBTAIN HIGHER RESOLUTION versions of images generated; even if it costs more

I think the possibilities that DALL-E offers us to try out our ideas, concepts and obtain results that, even if they aren’t exactly what we had in mind - will likely come pretty close to what one had in mind initially, thereby helping us get to the next level.

The one (actually two) drawbacks I find are that the resolution of the images produced, and what we are limited to uploading - are very low - 72 dpi with maximum dimensions being 1024 x 1024. Also, plus the limitation to a square format; with no option for say different heights and widths.

I would surmise the size of resolution and file size and dimension constraints are a function of the amount of computing power it would drain from DALL-E, which is totally understandable.

However, why not, if one is a paying customer and willing to “pay the freight” to order a higher resolution image - say 300 dpi in a larger dimension that you like and feel you can use, make it available?

Why not offer that option to people to allow them to select individual files out of the many that are only close but no cigar that we all know we will generate over time but enable us to take ones, that we feel are marketable and download hi-res versions?

I produce fine art giclée prints on canvas and/or other media and 300 dpi is usually the minimum I like to work with (prefer 360 DPI); my prints usually are around 24 x 24 inches, 36 x 36 or various other dimension. My results are sharp as a tack and riveting - no brag - just fact!

I would be very interested in knowing, if the management team at DALL-E has ever considered offering this upscaling option as a separate, income generating stream? If so, I would be most interested in hearing about it!

To me, it seems like the next logical step to consider.


Has there been any update with this? I am also interested in higher resolution images. For free/for cost doesn’t matter to me. I am willing to pay any amount to have higher res download options. Preferably 300+ dpi if possible. Any info is appreciated.

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I’ve not heard anything recently, unfortunately.

Have you looked into upsampling using other AI?

As far as I can tell, the max resolution using the API is 1024x1024. It is possible to upscale, however

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Dagnibbit, Paul! Let me have a chance to help folks too! Lol


Lol. Sorry / not sorry! :wink:

I think they’re talking about DPI too, though, so a 1024x1024 at 72 dpi would be smaller than the same at 300 DPI…

ETA: If it helps any, I’m often wrong or don’t know! :wink:


If you don’t need to do it online, topaz gigapixel ai is amazing. I use it for all sorts of photography and art work.

You won’t regret using it.

You cant automate through an API though. It’s purely manual. Depends on your use case


Yeah, I should really learn more about image editing. I know what pixels are, but for some reason I just can’t grock dots-per-inch.

Anyway, here are some resources:

If y’all need help beyond those articles, feel free to message me. I guess I’m a consultant/tutor now!


Will look into it. Thank you so much!

I would like to clarify that the solution I posted is free and automatable

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Hi there, thanks for flagging this issue. Sorry to ask a basic clarification point but I lost track of what the conclusion was here. I need to produce some high res AI artwork, are there other platforms that can do this for me? Thanks for the laymans answer in advance! <3