How to get started to create a specific language model

Hello! I’m a NY hedge fund investor turned start up founder. My goal is to leverage AI to build a much better consumer investing experience and I have a very specific set of goals which I believe would work. My issue is I’m not technical and I’m not even sure how to get started to create a customized model I can train. Could any one please shed some lights on this? Thanks a million!

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Your description is a little vague, when you say “custom model” do you mean a fine tuned model that responds with a certain style or something more advanced?

Might be a good idea to create a spec of what you need and post it, there are lots of skilled engineers and coders that visit the forum who could give you an idea of costs for the required work

hello there - thanks very much. By custom model, I mean a model that is specifically build for personal investing, from personalization, to stock picking and risk management.

is there an example of a spec I can reference to? and where should i post it.

Thanks a ton!

I’m sure domain specific tuned models will be developed, medical fields are building this kind of thing, and I’m sure that the financial sectors are also looking into it, but the issue I can see is that an AI that makes money for you is a very valuable asset that people will not be making public.

Training an AI to per very good in a specific field will take either a lot of people working for free with public information (Open Source) or institutions building models internally with private data and possibly offering access for a fee.

The GPT models are primarily general purpose AI’s, you could perhaps build up a set of prompts and methods that centre the AI’s attention, but it is certainly not a small project.