How to get full refund of $20

I tried a refund, but it was charged on a daily basis, not $20. Can someone tell me the method for a full refund,thanks

You are likely not subscribed via but some other, also likely not-approved, reseller.

Which website is charging you the price for ChatGPT Plus on a daily basis?

If you are subscribed via OpenAI you can request a refund here:

Make sure to double check if there are different instructions for your specific country. For example there’s also a FAQ specifically for EU citizens.

I applied for a refund through this link, but I didn’t receive a full refund of $20—only for the days I didn’t use. How can I get a full refund? can you help me?

Good to hear that you got your refund.
There’s nothing else anyone here can do for you. We are in no way connected to the teams who handle these issues.

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