How to embed the ChatGPT chatbot into a webpage?

Hi guys, does anyone have code that would embed the chatgpt chatbot into a wix webpage so that it allows my site members to use the chatgpt chat?


You can embed with <iframe> HTML tags.


Thank you for responding to my post. I have tried many solutions but nothing works so far, does anyone know what the correct URL to load the ChatGPT chatbot into an iframe on a webpage?

I have tried this code but no luck so far…



// Replace YOUR_API_KEY with your actual ChatGPT API key const apiKey = "YOUR_API_KEY";
    const chatbotFrame = document.getElementById("chatbot");
    chatbotFrame.src = `${apiKey}`;

    const handleEvent = (event) => {
        const message =;
        const output = document.createElement("p");
        output.innerHTML = `<strong>User:</strong> ${message}`;

        const chatWindow = chatbotFrame.contentWindow;
        chatWindow.postMessage({ message: message }, "*");

        chatWindow.addEventListener("message", (event) => {
            if ( {
                const output = document.createElement("p");
                output.innerHTML = `<strong>AI:</strong> ${}`;

    window.addEventListener("message", handleEvent);

You code does not create any <iframe></iframe> DOM element as I mentioned.

It’s easy to Google this and read how to use iframe tags:

I appreciate you trying to help, but I am a novice, what code would you use?

<iframe src="" title="ChatGPT"></iframe>

Hope this helps.

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yes that works but I am trying to create it on my webpage so that the chatbot opens for users to use without them having to register for chatgpt.

I don’t think you can do that and it may also be against the OpenAI ChatGPT terms of service, etc.

ok, i thought that is what the API Key could be used for?

The API key is for the OpenAI API.

You said in your title:

How to embed the ChatGPT chatbot into a webpage

There is no API key for ChatGPT. There currently is NO ChatGPT API.

Details matter :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

:sleepy: i guess that’s why i am not a coder… do you know why the chatgpt buttons that are created in your suggested iframe do not work when live on my site? i am referring to the sign in or register buttons

Maybe someone else here can help you better than me @ND07 ?

Best of luck in your “I’m not a coder” adventures!


i appreciate your time, back down the rabbit hole for me :cat:‍:bust_in_silhouette:

Hello, I built a product to embed ChatGPT everywhere and you can even define it’s default behaviour. Check it out at

I’m also want to embed Chatgpt ifram on my website Can anyone please tell me how is the procedure.