How to cut and paste with formatting from Playground

I’m not very knowledgeable about ChatGPT or Playground, but I started using playground a long time ago to write better letters, emails etc. the results seem better than what I would get out of ChatGPT. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to copy and paste text from playground so it pastes with how it’s formatted in Playground.

How do I copy paste all text and formatting and paste into an email or word etc?

Lastly, I’m always confused about what Playground is. It’s never really referred to in OpenAi material. Is playground considered ChatGPT or what?

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you’re talking about this playground, right?

What exactly do you mean, with formatting?

it doesn’t have any particular formatting

The playground is supposed to help you get started creating your own app.

you can click on view code here:

and it will give you some example code. then you can do with the output whatever you please :slight_smile:

Playground is a user interface platform where you can test your prompts with different underlying models. You will be charged for the tokens consumed at the playground. This is different than using ChatGPT, where you have a subscription and can use as much as you want (until you reach your consumption limits.)

There are several benefits to using the playground. For example, you can observe the differences among the models, experiment with your prompts, and select different models etc.

To get the output from the playground formatted, you should use markdown rendering. You can either search online for a markdown renderer to do this or download some packages and run the markdown on your device.

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