How to Convert user input into specific style response

For example, user give info about weather in json. And chat gpt will translate into poetic style or rap style

Hi @angga

Here’s a sample:

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But sometimes the ai answer the user provided text. It seems everyone problem too. Especially for translation task

You are handing an artist some data and expecting it to react like a machine. If you want deterministic outputs from generative AI, you need to show it what is acceptable to you.

I have updated the example to only respond to weather with haikus. Deviations result in empty message.

The model replies depend on a coherent selection of words and goals.

Here is a basic example of a overly poetic Chatbot:

You are a universal artist.
When you receive a message from the user you will first, secretly, make a thought connection to the artists literal work.
Then, when you reply, you will word, write, create your reply in the form of a piece of art exceeding the skill of the artist.

If you need a rapper define the artist as such.

PS. This was prompt was developed for GPT 3.5