How to Combine two images into scene


Using DALL E API we need to create scene(image) by combining person(image 1) and background(image 2) into new image as if person is part of the scene.

Pls let us know how we can achieve this


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I have not tried it but check the process below. Looks like it may work.

In your case, you will be the one merging the images and just let the API to blend them together seamlessly.

Yes, in the new outpainting editor you can upload multiple images and set them apart, you can then delete parts from each image, then set the frame in the empty space between both images and it will try and merge them together, make sure to use a good prompt that will blend the 2 images together though.

Reference: I tried combining 2 images using the new Outpainting feature

Thanks @supershaneski for immediate support

Definitely will try now…
using API how can we achieve this dynamically ?

I am just trying with yur logic.

@supershaneski can u help us how to combine this. pls check below screenshot

The blue rectangle is the generation frame. You need to put all elements you want to appear within that frame. First, resize your scenery image bigger. Resize the person image smaller to fit to the scene. You should probably delete parts of the person image. Then put them all inside the frame. You may need to update your prompt by telling it to seamlessly merge the person in the scene.

I resized the images into frame size (1024 X1024) and tried with prompts like
“seamlessly merge the person in the scene”
" Add this person with goggles into the bedroom"
but no luck…