Passing images to dall-e-2

Hey folks,
I’m trying to work out a internal POC where I’ll be uploading the Image and a prompt as an input and I am expecting a finetuned or enhanced kind of image as a result.

So, stuck in a part where I’ll have to upload the Image, any suggestions.

Welcome to the site. At this time, that’s not how DALLE2 Edit works.

What have you looked up so far in terms of documentation?

I have worked out all the dalle 2 stuffs like edit and creating variations and Generating Images using Prompts as a Streamlit Applications.

The thing is I’ll have to pas the Images along with the Prompt to my App so that it hits dall-e-2 and give me the Output as a Fine Image.

Say for instance,
If I upload my room images and ask it to make a Interior design for this,
It should be able to do it.

This is where I am stuck.