How to change Model: Default (GPT-3.5) back to Model: GPT-4

Hi guys!

I have the below message showing on my chat ‘The previous model used in this conversation is unavailable. We’ve switched you to the latest default model’ and than i can’t use Model(GPT-4) in this chat anymore.

Is anyone know how to get back?

Many thanks


Any one could help? I’m having trouble to change Model: Default (GPT-3.5) back to Model: GPT-4.

Many thanks

I also encountered the same problem. Suddenly it switched me to gpt3.5, but I couldn’t switch back and had to open a new session. However, after using it for a while, it would inexplicably switch back to 3.5.

I am having the exact same problem, and can’t really continue until this is fixed, my research doesn’t work with 3.5 … only 4 so I’m kinda stuck

the annoying thing is that there is nothing on it says everything is working fine

But you still can’t access the GPT4 model within ChatGPT …

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Hi Guys

Please check this link

It tells you how to fix with firefox(only). I’ve done it, everything is working on GPT-4 now.

Good luck


Thank you, the problem has finally been solved.

Appreciate the work on this from above users.
Is there a non-technical solution for this? This seems like such an oversight on a regular problem for GPT-4 users.

same problem here. until yesterday you could simply open a new chat, select the gpt-4 model there and then go back to the conversation. unfortunately this no longer works atm

Damn… it just happened to me - very disappointing as I was deep in the conversation and training of that particular chat. Expectations are high, so disappointment is equally intense. Hopefully competition that start with name B will do a better job…

In all seriousness, I can’t believe this is not implemented yet for a services charging $20 per month. I trained my chat for months and it switched the model back to 3.5. I saw some hacks but it seems to change only the name but the model still is 3.5.

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yes, it’s a great service and $20 is the most expensive subscription that I have . it should have a greyed button or the like that turns regular when you can go back to gpt4

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hey, I hope someone finds it helpful. it may require some tinkering but I was able to continue a conversation in a new chat with model 4 using this prompt

"I am going to show you a history of the previous chatgpt conversation. I want you to analyze it and continue it as if we had this conversation with you right now
make sure to analyze the whole conversation, it’s a long one. analyze it by 2 voxscript chunks in 1 message and continue as I reply “continue”. don’t summarize or copypaste, just confirm when you analyzed and continue when I say continue

---- shareable link to your previous chat here. there’s a share button when you click on your chat ----"

I used voxscript plugin but I guess any plugin that can read links will do. good luck!


This worked for me. Not used the Voxscript plugin before, thanks! They need to work on an easier solution to this though.

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