Probleme with gpt-4( model not found) anyone coukd help me with that?

hello every one !
i have this probleme on
my shortcut it was work perfectly on gpt-3.5-turbo!
but when i chnage the model to gpt-4 or the other verstion it seems like there is no model as u see on top!
ps: i try to regenerate api!
i got email that i have invited to the openai api! already!
i try multi model all work perfectly only the last version (gpt-4/ gpt-4-32k…)
the link is chnaged to …v1/chat/…
anyone could help me in that?
thank u all
and special thank to openai and theire team who prove the power of technologies… im still a student in tunisia and i bcs of them i admire with the ai and i wish that some day my name will be in ur team thank u all of ur respond❤️
here is a photo may help