How to ask for a list of things similar to, but not the same as?

I’ve tried a number of prompts in playgorund to make GPT-3 (text-curie 0.4 repetition penalty) generate a fake tarot deck list of major arcana. With or without a list of the real card names in the prompt, it keeps recapitulating the real ones. “Examples like this, but not including…” or similar directive phrasing doesn’t seem to work.

Dos anyone have a good prompt directive for “Generate N more examples, like these, but not these specific words”? This would be a more general solution applicable to lots of different cases.


I used the following “trick” to have GPT-3 identify the intent of a question and pick an element from a list (in this case a menu). I’m pretty sure it could pull this off with Tarot cards as well (if you put the cards in the list of “Possible picks”.

Identify the intent of a question by picking one word from a list.

Possible picks: about, contact, map, gallery, order online, booking a table, opening hours, menu, history, our team, event calendar

Question: What is this?

Pick: [about]

Question: Are you open?

Pick: [opening hours]

Question: I would like to book a table for tonight.

Pick: [booking a table]

Question: Are you close to a metro?

Pick: [map]

Question: Do you do delivery?

Pick: [order online]

Question: Is it true that you host open mics?

Pick: [event calendar]

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use the following parameters:

Stop sequence:

Inject start text:
↵Pick: [

Inject restart text:

And put the response length very low (I chose for 5, in order to force the engine to pick just one element)

Nice idea, thanks. But not what I’m looking for. I don’t want it to choose from a list of known things. I want it to creatively come up with a list of new things, like the list. Plausible, but unreal examples of a class.