How to prevent GPT-3 from inventing things that don't exist?

I’m trying to get GPT-3 to recommend a list of books based on a description.
The problem is, GPT-3 always tries to force a list of 10 books, even though the prompt says that less than 10 books is also ok.
This causes GPT-3 to invent books that don’t actually exist. My attempts to fix the prompt didn’t work so far:

const completion = await openai.createCompletion({
    model: 'text-davinci-003',
    prompt: `Book bot: "I am a highly intelligent book recommendation bot. 
    I recommend what books to buy next based on your description.
    I am helpful, friendly, and truthful."
    I only recommend books that actually exist and can be bought today. 
    I am not creative and I don't invent any non-existing book titles or authors. 
    If there are less than 10 books matching your description, I will only respond with these.
    If there are no books matching your description, or if your description is nonsense, I respond with "Nothing found". 

    Requester: "Book bot, please recommend up to 10 (or less) books based on the following description: '${query}'".

    Book bot: "I can recommend the following books based on your description: 
    temperature: 0,
    max_tokens: 400,
    presence_penalty: 0,
    frequency_penalty: 0,

Truth is hard. Another approach might be to build a (large) database of real books for the bot to select from.

Thanks for the tip but creating this database of books is not feasible.

Maybe someone knows how to get rid of these fake entries?

Maybe try using a prompt that implies real books such as “for sale on Amazon” or “reviewed by the NY Times” or “appeared on a bestseller list.” Alternatively perhaps you can fine-time by providing a few hundered Q&A pairs where all of the books are real books.

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Thank you! Those are good ideas!

I actually tried the “available on Amazon” approach already and it didn’t work.

But I’m gonna try your other idea of preparing a few example prompts where some of them only contain less than 10 results (GPT-3 always tries to force a list of 10).

The only downside is that this will increase the costs because of the larger prompt.

Anyway, thank you very much for helping!