How to activate my api key

Can anyone help me out in activating my Api key for OpenAI on jupyter notebook from ANACONDA as I was just started to learn prompting from deep learning by Andrew but I got stuck in between as I don’t know how to open ChatGPT in it .

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Welcome to the community…

It sounds like you’re just getting started with using the OpenAI API on a Jupyter Notebook through Anaconda. The process involves a few steps, such as installing the OpenAI Python package, importing libraries, and setting your API key.

I recommend you check out the OpenAI API Documentation for comprehensive guidelines and code snippets that can help you through the process. Or, if you have code that’s not working or specific questions, please let us know.

Best of luck with your deep learning journey!


You need to add your credit card and start billing.

Billing overview - OpenAI API

Your API Key will get activated automatically.

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