How to access internet with OpenAi/Gpt-4/Api and Google Sheets?

I have OpenAi Dev API and ChatGPT Plus. I try to access internet with OpenAi+Gpt-4 API outta Google Sheets.

Prompted tasks not based on internet access work as expected. But for any prompt, where I ask to browse a given URL I get a usual answer, something like “I’m a chatbot and have no internet access.”

Further strange thing: Internet access from the to same URLs works in around 20% of my attempts. Here are refusal notifications a bit different: in some cases I get the same “I’m a chatbot and have no internet access”, in some cases the answer is “due to technical limitations I can’t access this site”.

I desperately search for a reliable possibility of web access. And somebody would point me to such workflow and even to further functionalities, like access to the source code of a website, my gratitude will have no limits.

Greets from Berlin

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Same problem here :slight_smile: did u fix ur problem?

You can use AppsScript to fetch the web page, parse it yourself and use the parts you need in your messages.


 var pageContent = UrlFetchApp.fetch(pageUrl).getContentText();

Also; you can include a JS library, like Cheerio JS, for parsing more easily.

By the way: you can (but probably don’t want to due to cost) use the entire page HTML in your message. Make sure you use a model with a sufficiently large context in that case.

We would have to understand how you are attempting to implement this interface in order to have a clue. Otherwise I would just be guessing.

That doesnt do anyone any good.

I’m using the MeowwApps plugin on my WordPress site to utilize the OpenAI GPT-4 vision API as a chatbot, but my chatbot doesn’t connect to the internet at all. Does anyone have any suggestions?

You might want to integrate playwright or selenium for such task.