How much does gpt-3.5-turbo cost to activate in the API?

The following message appeared to me informing me that I had paid $5
Note that I registered with an individual account

RateLimitError: Error code: 429 - {'error': {'message': 'Request too large for gpt-3.5-turbo in organization org-ae9He8uqcKrTWnIrQmqMISpf on tokens per min (TPM): Limit 60000, Requested 82125. The input or output tokens must be reduced in order to run successfully. Visit to learn more.', 'type': 'tokens', 'param': None, 'code': 'rate_limit_exceeded'}}

The minimum purchase amount of API credits is $5, maybe a bit more with taxes or exchange rate. You cna then use that for hundreds of API calls billed by the amount of language data.

I paid $10 for Google Collab and $5 for the API OpenAI, but the application did not work
How much is added to the amount?

You can check your current credit balance at this link after logging in:

If you have just paid, it may take a few hours for credit to apply. You also need to generate your first API key which triggers phone verification.