How much do you think OpenAI's contractors should be getting paid?

I just read this troubling news from Gizmodo.

It turns out that even though OpenAI has the potential to earn billions for its executives, the compensation for those responsible for the success of the system is paltry in comparison. What do you think about this? How much should developers and labelers be getting paid? Is it ethical to outsource these jobs to third parties who outsource the job to countries where it is legal to pay next-to-nothing to their workers?

Have a good time! please tell me what exactly is the anxiety of the news? do you have no food or water at the moment? we know many people who conditionally work and are grateful to different AI - for the very fact of their appearance! maybe we should really appreciate what we have at the moment? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face: