How many api requests openai has to process per day?

I wondered, how many api requests OpenAI has to process per day in total and searched the web and asked ChatGPT, but didn’t find any number.
Does anyone know the estimated number, how many api requests OpenAI has to process per day? And how this value changed in the last months?

I appriciate any reply. Thanks in advance.


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I guess around fifty-thousand per day ( from random people messing around not from companys ), but there is no set evidence as @Foxabilo says here:

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This information is not public domain, so anything would approximation and guesswork.

One can make some fairly simple assumptions that place the ChatGPT userbase at approximately 500,000,000 with perhaps 10-100 transactions per day per user for a total of 50 billion to 5 trillion per day, then on top of that would be any API based usage, that would be a total guess, say another 10-50 billion a day.

it could be 1/100th that or 10,000 times that… speculation is a fun game though.

Wow, with a 500,000,000 user base. I could speculate that 1/10,000 actually are active and use the API.

So let’s say 50,000 use the API daily. Some big companies probably make upwards of 100,000 while smaller only around 10.

Let’s say 25,000 requests average per. [ probably too high ]

Equaling 1,250,000,000 per day.

But as Foxabilo said it can only be estimated.

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Indeed, I think the real number in terms of tokens is in the trillions, and only growing, I am fairly certain that OpenAI is the major share of all LLM processing done at the moment and the user base both from industry and privately is only growing day by day.

I think it no underestimate to say that AI will quickly become the largest use of datacentre compute and that compute is going to grow on the order of a 100K - million x per year for at least the next few years as investment and usage rises.

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Thank’s all for the replies.
But to clarify the topic: I’m only interested in the amount of the paid API calls via the corresponding interfaces like api. openai. com /v1 /chat /completions. The use of the free services as ChatGPT is probably 10K to 100K times higher.

Do you have the answer now? I’m also very interested in this question.

No other answers than these here in this thread. I think there are no official numbers to get.