How integrate gpt3 with openai api into a ios application?

I searched on the internet how to integrate gpt3 using openai api on a mobile application (on ios), and I found nothing but only web applications and SaaS .
Is it possible ?

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Of course it is possible!

OpenAI provides a JSON based API which can be used with any application with network access which of course includes iOS :slight_smile:

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ok thanks man, I want to add some features such as specific text generation, analysis of data… How can I do this with no code tools ? For an ios app

Sorry @tiktok.produits

I write code and do not use “no code” tools or apps :wink:

You can prompt ChatGPT. ChatGPT is very good with these kinds of queries.

I want to add some features like generate text according to the type of text the user wants : exemple : write emails , and choose the tone etc
I want to add 5-6 tools like this maximum, and then a feature with analysis of data like chatgpt can do when providing the data.
How much do you think I need for hiring a developer to do this ?

Sure it’s possible.

As long as the application can access the web, you can call the API’s.

Whether you choose to make a web app, native app, or a hybrid, is simply a choice of convenience, cash, and knowledge

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One of the fastest ways to make an app is via RAD frameworks like: React, Preact, NextJS, AngularJS, Ionic, VueJS, NuxtJS, Quasar (my choice), etc

You’ll find more devs for React/Angular, than the others. One of the easiest to pick up is VueJS, and it will probably replace React/Angular in the long-term.

Could you please give more info on that ? I am interested!