Full code for Open AI Assistants (Whitelabel Prototype)

Hello everyone,

I’ve developed a prototype for a SaaS platform to create and manage OpenAI assistants. It is made to be white-labeled.

I decided to pursue other opportunities for now. If the code can be helpful to you, please feel free to use it the way you want :handshake:

Additional notes: The front-end is not polished. The API functionalities are quite exhaustive. You can use the API as a standalone (Fast API).

Link to the repo here :point_right: GitHub - HenryObj/assistants: Open AI Assistants (API + Front-end) Prototype

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what was your original intention on this project ? just checking if I can do it for you.

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Hello Rahul

After the OpenAI dev day (November 2023), I thought companies would need an interface, user management, etc.

The original intention was to build something similar to ChatGPT Team. Of course, this release and the release of Microsoft Copilot Studio made this straightforward idea obsolete.

However, the prototype was functional, and the code base can save quite a lot of time for anyone who wants to build a product that leverages Open AI assistants (the fully functional API).