How do you use Assistants on websites?


I have a few questions for people who use OpenAI Assistants to communicate with website visitors or customers.

  1. Did you create the UI yourself or did you use ready-made solutions?
  2. Is communication with the end-user only text-based, or can the user, for example, send a file?
  3. Do you use one assistant or many and transfer the end-user between them?
  4. What languages do you support?

We have just released a solution that allows you to embed assistants on the website in the form of a widget: Free Chat Interface for OpenAI Assistants | OpenWidget and we are planning the next steps in development. Information from you will be very helpful. :bowing_man:


There are open-source solutions for converting an Assistant into an embeddable widget such as this



Despite the lack of answers directly here in the thread, I received messages from several website owners, and a few also decided to test our solution and share their feedback - thank you very much for them!

I got answers the second question - I know that handling files from end-users is not perceived as a priority. This may only be useful in the case of a possible transfer of the conversation to a real human agent.

Two people that contacted me assumed that adding an assistant to a website would be more difficult than it actually was. For this purpose, we have created a short tutorial that shows what this process looks like:, text version: How to create your OpenAI Assistant and install it on any website?

thanks for all the messages, please keep it coming - directly here in the thread, to my dm or email.


Hey we built a solution as well. You can follow this blog post to embed assistants to either your website or whatsapp.

I am the developer / founder at predictable dialogs.

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The Predictable Dialogs codes was exactly what I was looking for!


if you still haven’t found anything, i’ve built a product for this too - you can create a chatbot connected to your assistant and publish it to your website (and even monetize it), it’s called pmfm ai :slight_smile:

hey, is this free? can i use your servicies like that?

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Any one building such service with voice enabled conversation?

Do you need voice enabled on the website widget?

that would be nice, yes please

Hi I am interested in this…can you tell me how this works?

Unfortunately, OpenWidget is not a good solution to deploy OpenAI Assistants. They provide a confusing UI and require several clicks to reach the assistant. For the support scenario, this will cause customer frustration in a scenario where reducing customer frustration is the main goal. A simpler UI that clicks straight into the chat interface is needed.

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A friend recommended Chainlit.
It needs some coding and works very well as a website widget.

Thank you for you feedback @bernie1 !

OpenWidget offers many functions and the vast majority of our users configure it so that in addition to chat with the assistant, it also includes other features, such as FAQ or Google reviews.
However, we know that some people, would prefer to use only the chat option, which makes the additional step of a welcome screen difficult.

We have a workaround for that. We have a function that allows you to add your own button to a website that opens a direct view with chat. I recorded a demo that shows this. Please take a look: openwidget-custom-button_opt.mp4 - Google Drive

On the video you can see the situation when I open the widget with the default launcher - to go to the chat with the assistant, you need to open the widget, select contact options, and then chat. Then I use the custom button - the widget opens immediately in the chat view.

Creating such a button is simple - in my case it was:

<button type="button" data-openwidget-action="maximize" data-openwidget-feature="chat">
 Chat with Assistant

Demo page is available here:

This workaround requires adding HTML code to the page. We are also working on an easier solution - the ability to turn off intermediate steps (welcome screen), so that after maximizing you can immediately open the chat view with the assistant. This option should appear within a few days.

Thank you again for your feedback, let me know if it works for you.

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Have there been many changes to OpenWidget recently. The issues I have had in the past is that most HTML links in chat responses do not work, you cannot upload to analyse and cannot download documents, you cannot change the chat window size, it is limited to one API per account (at least it is free!), and configuration changes are a bit limited. Thanks. Sanwar

  1. Yes, I created UI for myself but then built AI startup that simplifies adding UI to your AI at (it is open-source)
  2. You can use between text and voice modalities, and send files, too
  3. Superinterface allows for transfering between different agents; as well as multi-agent flows
  4. We support any language, and any LLM model (from OpenAI, Anthropic, Perplexity, etc.)