How do i get gpt turbo or any modle to write over 700 words

i am trying to write long outputs around 1500 words of greater. i have tried different prompts like 1500 words or 2000 tokens, ive added it to the front middle and end of the prompt and nothing is working. thank you for any help!

Multiple shots?

I assume you mean like an essay? Long-form essays are challenging to compose through a single shot.

Perhaps you need steps like this:

  1. Build the intro to the topic.
  2. Extract key points from the first shot.
  3. Expand on each of the key points.
  4. Concatenate - now you have a long-form essay.

Am I warm?

ya that concept is correct for an essay. but if open ai writes 4000 tokens i should be able to make outlines for it then generate the long form. like this
write all of these outlines in chronological order - 1. introduction 2. etc… 3. etc… 4. etc… or do

i havent tried what your reffering to though.

Yeah, perhaps. But I fear that asking the LLM to craft the entire essay’s more intricate parts is a big ask.

The term “infinite” and paid tokens don’t blend well together. :wink: But I get your point. This is akin to AutoGPT, right?

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You might want to read this.



I liked in the bottom of the blog post, where it says “Why do people all use pinecone to store like 10 things in memory”.

LOL, so true!

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