How do i cancel my subscription

I want to cancel my subscription but there is no cancel button under manage my account tab what can i do my credit card expired and i couldnt pay last months fee but i can still access chatgpt 4

It may be that you need to pay last months fee before you are able to fully cancel you subscription

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Do you know how can i pay i added a new card but it still didnt get the money

I’m unsure, may have to email support or something like that

you can cancel it via settings- > my plan → my subscription

I can not cancel as well, there is simply no Cancel button showing at all. There is another discussion on the same topic, which was closed without any proper resolution as many people were complaining from the same. It is ridiculous how is that even possible, to be trapped and not having the choice but continue paying.?!

Please use and go to the support bot in the bottom right corner, there you can get guidance on closing your account.

I cannot cancel as well, the “my plan” button is not active