How can we generate HTML?


AI newbies here with tech background. We are looking to generate web pages specific to an industry and have a few questions on how to leverage Open AI for this:

  1. It seems the code examples don’t have HTML so far. What is the best model / approach to start with to train for HTML? Would we start with fine tuning?

  2. What is the best method to train the model? Imagine a web page is made out of lego blocks. Is it more efficient to train for the smallest block first (e.g. train how to generate an html anchor tag), or lots of blocks that make up an element (e.g. a UI component).

  3. Is it a bad idea to train a model that outputs multiple intertwined languages? E.g. we would want the model to know a specific set of CSS classes and HTML. Ideally not exactly HTML but an HTML-like templating language with extra syntax. Is this possible or the best approach?

  4. What is the best day to day process for training the above? Do we create a JSON file with a large set of prompt/completion pairs and submit them? How big of a data set do we need?

We have an application of commercial value with the above, with a specific, narrow problem space. If anyone is interested to work on such a project with us (contractual or as a hobby/experiment) please let us know.



Who do I reach out to?

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I would like to speak in private about making a contract for your project. Also gpt3 can code. It codes for me.when i ask it to. Why me? Im working on getting gpt3 to do coding. I ask it questions that could have data surounding emotional intelligence. Also I’d want to work on this anyways because I use gpt-3 and learn by doing things but more important is my ecommerce store It has 8 thousand products of the 30 thousand we had on. Im looking for something that can the product data and apply it to wordpress websites. Were experiencing problems with syncing products by the catagory due to the size of the information. If gpt3 can generate html files, then it can read them which then it can analyze and do processes to make the best decisions. I would like it to generate a live video assistant that promotes products at my online store and interacts with the customers. Even just to chat. I can let gpt3 have multiple instances at the same time to test assistants techniques for closing sales. I have an ecommerce store and am hoping GPT-3 can help me with my data feed issues, inventory and sales areas. I’m an 3rd generation entrepreneur/ soon to be business owner of Blair Tool & Plastics. i ran CNC Machines, learned the tool and die trade around plastic injection molding machines that we own. Our plastics business could benefit greatly from gpt3 if it could automate the product packaging. We already have automated packaging for plastic beveled edge spreaders however the machines are still run by people. My dad has a machine shop in a building large enough for 6 full time machinest where automation and work flows could transform it. I grew up with them training me how to use the machines. If gpt3 helps my dropshipping store and i can prove it to my father this is reliable then gpt3 has a shot at transforming a Plastics Business thats standing the test of time. To keep doing that our family owned an operated business needs to stay at the forefront of technology. We specialize in custom plastic injection molding and metal machine work. Our business model is what gpt-3 was created for. We employ locally, never shut down and are the reason why america is such a great place. Hiring local is greaat when you can. Lately my father let my cousin who was second longest to my father to be there go find a new job. Penn State wanted him to teach what he knew, the same skills I have but i’m needed in sales. Large companies went overseas and our family business relies on expanding companies that inovate and need custom work done. My father has a patend on a chainsaw product that truly is helpful but cant find a way to sell it. It was in catalogues but taken out because of not selling enough. So to find a solution to sell online, would help distributors gain more customers to say the least. . We would purchase technology off you that we help build. If this technology is open source and it stays that way i’d share all the work with everyone publicly all the way and not claim rights to it. i’ll do the work to complete a contract and have it done in a timely manner. Being a military veteran who served in combat zones, i’ll get the job done. A quote if needed I can submit, i’ll need to know exactly what to produce in more of a philosophical view. We need to add parameters and measureable outcomes with variable states. We can then find a line through our designated path that best suits our needs. Realisticly i’d need to know what our achievements or goals for the project would be. Such an example is: Build an AI that can see what its working towards and be able to navigate code conciously aware of its main objectives while it test solutions before giving an answer. I’d like to work out a deal for working on this based upon the resources at hand. If you can pay good then so be it, if not then at least im contributing towards something that can help me in the long run and where i can bring much value as a professional contractor for gpt3’s team. I would take the contracts personally and after hiring freelancers off Fiverr and Upwork for the last 2 years spending tens of thousands of my own dollars on projects, i already know the pitfalls and how to navigate hiring credible reputable freelancers. More so i’m great at wording contracts. So good that i offer a money back guarantee. Any contract given to me comes with a money back guarantee if the job isnt done correctly and to specificatoins. I believe with my family history, military career and user of gpt-3’s technology for business use cases that i’m qualified to complete any job or contract I take. I won’t agree to a contract I can’t keep. Before I docusign an agreement i’ll do what the united states government does at times which is asks contractors for a materials/services cost spreadsheet and executive summary. All of which will take more time but capable of doing if being formal and proper is a must. As long as we know what were trying to achieve and have an idea of what it looks like we will be fine. It’s important to be creative with words as it really does make a difference in the outcome of an the AI. I believe i’m qualified and am open to objections. Can you please tell me what industry this is for and how you plan on leveraging HTML? As far as i know, it already can do that, so the question is what problem in this industry needs fixed? What do you want to focus these web pages around.

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