How can one connect OpenAI to Word just like in the video demo?

Hi there!
I am having a hard time understanding how to integrate with Word, just like we’ve seen on the video demo.

Any tips on how to replicate that, much appreciated!

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I think you’re talking about MS Word, is that right? If so, I don’t know how you build it on the version that’s installed in your OS. I guess you could achieve similar results with a browser extension that does what you want when you open MS Word in your browser.

Grammarly is a good example of a browser extension that enhances word processors. I use it on Google Docs because it helps me to write better. They do this by listening to keypress and mouse events, parsing the text I type, and adding visual cues that help me to fix mistakes.

The upside of a browser extension is that 1) the tools and knowledge you need for making one are broadly available on the Internet and 2) people work more in their browsers. The downside is that could easily downgrade the browsing experience of your users by introducing bad or malicious code.

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Hi @alexandruv ,

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Are you referring to this video?

If yes, it’s a Word add-in based on the Word JavaScript API, which uses codex to translate natural language instructions to code that is then executed inside of the software (ms-word) to deliver the desired result.