Word GPT Plus - a useful add-in to use chatGPT in Microsoft Word

Hey all,

Wanted to share a project by me to integrate chatGPT into Microsoft Word - Word GPT Plus

Word GPT Plus is a word add-in which integrates the chatGPT model into Microsoft Word. It allows you to generate text based on the text you have written in your document. You can use it to translate, summarize, polish or even write a whole document from zero.


  • Utilize the GPT-3.5 API to generate text and support select models
  • Support chatGPT web api using access Token, it’s FREE!
  • Built-in prompts for translation, summarization, polishing, and academic writing
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Custom prompts can be set and saved for future use
  • Ability for users to set temperature and max tokens
  • Proxy support

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If you have any suggestions for new features or experience bugs let me know.