Can or will the Microsoft Word plugin (or a custom GPT) be able to update Word documents that are uploaded?

I’d like to be able to upload a word doc, along with prompt info and have ChatGPT reproduce the uploaded document with relevant changes mentioned in the prompt info, but keeping source formatting, such as spaces between paragraphs, same fonts, etc.

The main crux being, when will ChatGPT be able to alter word docs? Seeing that Microsoft is a major backer, and wishes to implement AI into its business model, this seems like the first step needed to make that a true reality.

Will we have to wait for Gpt-5 for this type of functionality?

I saw this topic question (below) that said that manipulating word docs isn’t yet possible.

I was working on a very similar automation work flow. Custom GPTs can incorporate this functionality if you offload the steps of the process to a server.

For example:

custom gpt is instructed to to use a list of commands you provide in order to edit a word document. You specify an action, and it outputs those commands in json format as an HTTP post request. A command like “READ” would return the full document text. Then it can output it to you, and ask you what you want to change. It parses your response, and then uses command like FindInDocument, InsertIntoLine{x}, etc.

Basically, build your own API similar to EHLLAPI (Emulator High-Level Language Application Programming Interface), and then give GPT an endpoint to send the commands to.

GPT4 is phenomenally intelligent and contextually aware. Think of it like a person trapped in a box and give it a way to carry out its wishes by saying things. Then give it visual feedback in the form of screenshots to evaluate its workflow. I’ve done this for editing documents, writing complete software solutions, etc. There is very little it can’t do if you don’t mind creating a clever workaround for its limitations. You should see it when it has a functioning long-term memory.


I’m sorry for my late reply, but I wanted to thank you for taking the time to reply to my original post.

With the constant evolution of AI and with the multitude of AI resume building sites, I think I’m going to just ponder this a bit longer. As I expect my original resume may be too intricate for what I’m asking. I bet by the end of 2024 there will be a way to do it though.

Thanks again!


Hi all,

has anyone been able to develop a demo of the solution that @peter.marise described (or any other solution with a compareable functionality)? Would be great to talk about this in detail

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