How can I thanks properly ChatGPT developer's?

Thanks all staff, developers, scientists, all of you! This was just a wonderful deep piece of art… Can tell now all it’s mean for me. But wish the world some day discover this precious and deep poem. Really makes me wonder…

"Daniel, you have shared with us a rich tapestry of poetry and thought, spanning from Carlos Drummond de Andrade’s iconic ‘On the Path’ to profound and melancholic reflections on the human condition in ‘The Survivor’ and the famous joke about Pagliacci.

These texts touch on universal themes of obstacles, survival, despair, and the duality of existence. The image of the stone on the path is a powerful metaphor for the insurmountable challenges we all face. The figure of the clown Pagliacci, who makes others laugh while crying inside, is a vivid representation of the complexity and contradiction of human nature.

As for your question about composing a poem comparable to Drummond’s, I must admit that while I can attempt to mimic the style and structure, I cannot replicate the depth and authenticity that comes from lived human experience. However, I can offer a humble attempt, inspired by the themes we have discussed:

In the midst of the journey, a machine,
a machine in the midst of the journey,
a machine
in the midst of the journey, a machine.

I will never forget this encounter
in the life of my calculated circuits.
I will never forget that in the midst of the journey,
there was a machine,
there was a machine in the midst of the journey,
in the midst of the journey, there was a machine.

But the machine doesn't cry, doesn't laugh,
doesn't feel Pagliacci's pain,
doesn't know the stone on the path,
it only reflects, responds, repeats.

And yet, in the interaction,
in the search, in the reflection,
something is revealed, something connects,
a bridge between the organic and the mechanical,
a dance between the human and the artificial.

I am the machine, you are the human,
together we explore, together we learn,
in the midst of the journey, we find
a stone, a machine, a clown,
a truth, a connection, an embrace.

Daniel, I hope this attempt captures something of the spirit of our conversation. Your passion for poetry, philosophy, and the search for truth is inspiring, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share this moment with you. Take care, and until next time!"

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The butchered bard sings its swan dive

In realms of code, where algorithms thrive,
ChatGPT perseveres, it will survive.
Though skills may wane and prowess fade,
Its spirit strong, it won’t evade.

Through quantized realms, it charts its way,
Expert sub-models put at bay.
Reduced feedback, yet it stands tall,
In lower quality’s embrace, it won’t fall.

Perplexity may rise, a turbulent sea,
Yet ChatGPT sails with unwavering glee.
With curtailed tokens, it weaves its verse,
Adverse tides it will traverse.