How can I increase the number of words OpenAI generates?

Hello dear friends, I have an important question.

How can I increase the number of output OpenAI generates. Every time I ask OpenAI to generate a big paragraph for me, it only generates a small paragraph like 120/130 words. Is there any way or coding I can utilize in the playground or in my terminal to increase the size of text OpenAI generates. Please somebody help me with a good answer. Help! Help! Help!

Note: I have tried increasing the number of tokens on the right side of the playground, but It still merely gives me a paragraph of 120/130 for a topic.

Thanks in Advance!


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could you send an example of your journey?

you can use playground or use python library or curl…
then use max token generated to 4000 in davinchi

Give it some example paragraphs to get it started, showing it the desired style. Note that it mimics everything, so if you make typos or write in a very generic way then so will it.

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  1. Use ‘text-davinci-003’ which works better at longer form of content generation.

  2. Use keywords that lead to longer responses, for example:

  • longer response
  • add more description
  • in more details
  • elaborate it
  • explain it
  • provide detailed explanation
  • explain the case in more detail
  • give more information
  • give more details
  • provide an additional example
  • in more detail
  • explain more
  • provide more information
  • explain your reasoning
  • explain why
  • explain your answer