How can I improve my prompt?

I’m working in a personal project, a tool that allow the user, receive movies/series suggestions, based in ChatGPT 3.5 API.

My goal is to help users, to find some fast recomendations, based in a few questions in a form, about series/movies that they love!

For this process, I used the ChatGPT api, to retrieve the suggestions, and the MovieDB API , take the titles suggested, and retrieve the movie/serie info such a Title, Year of Release, Poster, etc.

But the MovieDB api, only support one title at time, for retrieve info to show to user.
I’m trying to formated the ChatGPT response, to retrieve only one title, but, I’m asked for retrieve 3 body choices, and the response must have be different in each choice. But in a few times, the response generate 3 differents titles, sometimes, it retrieve 2 equals titles, sometimes the 3 are the same!

It’s just the capacity of the model, or I’ve a error in my prompt?

I’m explaining mysefl?

Thanks in advance for your help, keep building!

Are you using “presence_penalty” and “frequency_penalty”?
These fields can be used to modify the model’s behavior in terms of repeating or avoiding certain words or phrases. All models have such options, maybe with slight differences.

Also, you can use the “System” field stating some limits for the model, such as:
“Do not repeat the items” (or titles or movies) - something like that.