Hot topic sort order being tested here

The sora topics are floating up but many are closed since SORA is not available to the public. For the last few days most of the sora topics are being closed because users are asking to sign up or creating topics leading others to believe they are sign up topics. These need to be suppressed instead of hoisted.

While this site does allow ChatGPT related questions my understanding is they should not be the main draw for the site.

I would agree that the hot is more representative of topics that users are more actively posting. The question should be “Are these post fulfilling the goal of the site? Are these post of value to the primary users this site wants to attract?” Would really like to hear Logans input, may ask in a meeting if there is time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Right after posting this checked the latest topics and there was another topic that was what I consider a false-positive by the triage bot for a user looking to sign up for SORA.

Another one

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