Chan we create multiple chatGPT plugins

One you have access to the build chatGPT plugins can you use subdomains to create multiple plugins. For example and could have a different manifest file? Is that an acceptable way to build these?

I think you made a typo, but i had the same question, kinda.

it is - if we make multiple chatgpt plugins, are we REQUIRED to host the APIs on separate subdomains

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I have dozens of plugins on the same domain using sub domains… my plug-in creator can create these on the fly.


What? thats what im asking. is it required that 1 plugin = 1 subdomain

I think @ruv replied to my question. Thanks for the feedback. We have tested this and its working. @devinschumacher you may want to try with a different directory (I havent tried that, yet). .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ and .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ but I doubt that would work.