High CPU Web Workers usage of ChatGPT when not is use

I am repeatedly observing extremely high CPU usage by the dedicated workers of ChatGPT web app for extensive periods (over 30 min) when left open in the background (as a Chrome tab) but not interacting with it at all. My system has 8 cores 16 GB RAM.

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I can confirm this problem on my linux system and would like to re-raise the issue.

This really is a series issue, keeps using 100% of the CPU until it starts overheating.

This is after killing the worker process shortly before 15:26 on the plot.

@logankilpatrick Can anyone look at this, please?

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I agree with the original posters. I have a laptop and occasionally for whatever reason chatgpt4 (on MS edge) starts using CPU after i interact with it (maybe 10% which is quite high in my opinion). If I kill that particular task then all is good. It bothers me because the fan starts running at the CPU usage and I prefer quiet :-).

had been wondering why my fan is going insane, scan chrome dev tools & GPT is somehow using >100 cpu?

it’s so bad scrolling the page intermittently hangs…