High CPU Web Workers usage of ChatGPT when not is use

I am repeatedly observing extremely high CPU usage by the dedicated workers of ChatGPT web app for extensive periods (over 30 min) when left open in the background (as a Chrome tab) but not interacting with it at all. My system has 8 cores 16 GB RAM.


I can confirm this problem on my linux system and would like to re-raise the issue.

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This really is a series issue, keeps using 100% of the CPU until it starts overheating.

This is after killing the worker process shortly before 15:26 on the plot.

@logankilpatrick Can anyone look at this, please?

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I agree with the original posters. I have a laptop and occasionally for whatever reason chatgpt4 (on MS edge) starts using CPU after i interact with it (maybe 10% which is quite high in my opinion). If I kill that particular task then all is good. It bothers me because the fan starts running at the CPU usage and I prefer quiet :-).

had been wondering why my fan is going insane, scan chrome dev tools & GPT is somehow using >100 cpu?

it’s so bad scrolling the page intermittently hangs…

Same issue with me the chat window keeps getting hanged and what I have seen is that when I open the chats with large amount of chat history then the memory usage reaches around 2GB. But for other chat windows it is around 100MB.

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I also noticed too high a load on the processor, it seems that the company uses client PCs to process other tasks, my I core i9 16 gb slows down from the browser does not depend much, can it extract crypto or train a neural network?

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Came back to my pc with the fan going full speed and see it’s using 50% of my CPU.

Has anyone gotten a response or explanation about this? Seems unethical to use people’s computers to cloud compute without clearly telling them that is what is happening.

Same here, I noticed my Macbook Air M2 lagging like crazy only to find " FirefoxCP Isolated Web Content" consuming massive amounts of CPU and memory resources.

Upon investigation, this only happens with ChatGPT windows I’ve had open for some time.

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I have the same issue. One core maxed out after some time with no activity. Didn’t notice it until today

Same issue, i was watching youtube and suddenly the fan went crazy, ended the process taking up 50-60% CPU and lo and behold, it was the chat openai com tab.

I’ve just experienced this today, few minutes after generating a response, idle ChatGPT window in Chrome was using an average of 65% CPU, if it weren’t for the fan noise I wouldn’t have noticed it, after refreshing the window the usage goes down to normal.

Just noticed it today. 2 cores going 100% alternately until I closed the GPT4 tab. Only asked 3 or 4 questions. Devs???

Just noted very high cpu usage when using opera, chrome and others . and this just started a few days ago. chatgpt4 has issues

i found this site by searching on the same issue… what is happening? and pls fix it asap.

p/s - any chance bcoz of chrome? just update it earlier today, then start noticing this issue. also saw another website say, this only happens on chrome, but not other browser. will try that if doesnt find a solution soon.

p/ss - i just try again. its working alright no high cpu usage. i think this is intermittent or trigger by certain thing. am not sure. will keep monitor.

OpenAI got a +1 on this complaint here

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This is a very serious issue, I’ve experienced this issue with both my arch and Windows: Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, and Bing. It is always 100%

Ryzen 7: 6800h