Trying to integrate a custom gpt into google sites website

I am trying to integrate a custom GPT into my google sites website. I am trying integrate it without hosting it in the backend and hosting it in the cloud. I want it GPT. It is now asking for a schema and I do not know what that is. I just want to be able to integrate the GPT into the website.

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A Custom GPT is only available in the ChatGPT ecosystem.

If you’d like something similar, look into Assistants API.


thank you very much i appreciate your time

Yes, you can create your own Assistants using the API and host the custom GPT on cloud. Make sure you have proper tools definition, instructions and set the right temp or top_p depending on your use case.

Note: Keep in mind while designing; to have assistant created only once, retrieve the ID and use it for your runs. Cheers

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I would also highly recommend using the Assistant API.

Do you have any code knowledge or you want to use external software?