Help with prompting GPT-4 to Write Dalle2 prompts

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a good prompt for instructing gpt-4 to write good dalle2 prompts.
Something that takes into account Dalle2s limitations and crafts a prompt that gets the best results out of it?

Quick try below (headline is variable)(don’t really know what I’m doing)

based on this headline: As fast as a cheetah on rollerblades
Write an ai image generation prompt following these guidelines

  • use descriptive language
  • Keep it simple

Structure you output as:

image description, cinematic lighting, illustration,

gives me this:
Image description: A cheetah gracefully speeding on rollerblades, with wind flowing through its fur, as it swiftly navigates an urban landscape.

Cinematic lighting: Use soft, golden sunlight to illuminate the scene, casting long shadows and highlighting the cheetah’s agility and grace.

Illustration: Employ a dynamic, semi-realistic style to capture the fluid motion and unique fusion of the animal’s natural speed with the rollerblades.


  • bonus question - is there a way to keep whatever is happening visually inside square?

Starting the prompt with ‘a square image of’ - seems to work re my last question?
Plus I guess one of the rules will be to keep the prompt under a certain character limit (does anyone know what it is?).

If I were you, I would try to keep prompt as a one-liner. Also I don’t think that DALLE can proceed big prompts, so try to make it really brief, because as I noticed output images are always not very detailed