Help with getting gpt to write to files

Are there plugins or ways to get gpt4 to write to a file such as a shared document and also use that shared document as part of its instructions? I want it to be able to modify it’s own custom instructions

Like, a fully automated process? No.
So, GPT-4 plugins only handle the web interface, they cannot and should not handle a user’s stuff outside of that really. Same with custom GPTs.

It’s certainly possible to build this feature for sure, but it would take a good bit of elbow grease, because you’d need to build it using the API, and likely the API of the shared doc app you’d want to use (which, considering Google wants you to use Bard, I doubt this). So, I’d likely not try to integrate it with a shared doc situation and come up with your own method to handle this via txt doc or something similar.

I should also note, this may be easier to construct once Office 365 because more readily available with Copilot. Same with Microsoft’s next Windows update they announced for next year.

So, sadly, nothing right now, but there’ll be ways in the near future.

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