Getting my GPT to refrence knowledge files before generating a response

Ive been trying to test the possibilities of enhancing the limits of a gpt by having it refrence a .txt file or a docx file that has a list of AI behaviors and instructions.

To test this ive made it a game master for culyberpunk red and have a custom storyline that im writing. Kind of a 2 birds 1 stone attempt at using the GPT to develop the story while also experimenting with the limitations. The main issue ive been running into is that im not sure if it forgets to refrence the guideline document before generating a response or if the issue is with the contents of the document itself and i dont really have any good refrence point or know where to ask if its even possible to break the limits of an 8000 character long set of instructions this way.

If anyone has more experience with this it would be helpful with any feedback

Hi @Therealsideways

When you mention GPT, do you mean Custom GPT, model or the Assistant?

I meant a custom GPT but im exploring different options