Having to solve a 3 puzzle captcha EVERY single time I try to send a message to ChatGPT

It started about 20 minutes ago, and it hasn’t stopped. It’s not every few minutes, it’s every time I try to send a message. I appreciate the security, but this is making it very time consuming. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes, others have experienced this. The solution is not clear, but one can try another browser to ensure it is not an extension or privacy setting, disable firewall products on your pc, and not connect via untrustworthy methods like VPN or other shared or changing IP addresses.

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I can update that in the past 10 minutes I haven’t had the problem, so maybe it worked itself out. I appreciate you getting back to me.

Same here. Every single request has a captcha now.

Getting this today. There’s no audio or alternate version either. I can’t see well enough to distinguish the mouse from the cheese. What now?

Every time I try to refresh or see if it’ll just go away, it just adds 1 to the number of mazes it expects me to solve. I can’t even solve the first one.

You can zoom in your browser. CTRL and (+), or CTRL and mouse scroll wheel.

You can also see if California will pass this law, and then you can get paid and serve an injunction against the puzzles and their makers:

This bill would make it unlawful for a resource service provider, as defined, in exchange for remuneration, to intentionally, negligently, recklessly, or knowingly construct, license, distribute, or maintain for online use an internet website that fails to provide equally effective communication or fails to facilitate full and equal enjoyment of the entity’s goods and services to all members of the public, including any member of the public who is a person with a disability.

I am going to guess that implementing legislation to enforce common sense is a bit overkill.
But I do have this problem too and I am using a chromium based browser called Slimjet and I have disable all ad blockers and such, but I am still getting asked for 2 puzzles every time I post anything.
It is time consuming, takes out the focus of what I am doing and as I am trying to figure out the new functionalities, namely, creating specialised agents it ads to the learning curve and after an hour of work I now have an headache, this captcha is breaking an otherwise pleasant and useful interface.
And no I am not a bot, but it looks like this concept won’t stick with your new and improved security system.

I am experiencing this problem with the captcha system. Every time I try to send a message, I have to solve 3 to 5 captchas. This is very frustrating and time-consuming as I have been using this chat for my work, and I currently have documents in the chat that I need to reference.

Are there any new methods I could use to fix or reduce this issue from occurring? I look forward to any feedback anyone has!

This just hit me today. I can’t work like this.
I wonder what the trigger is. And…when does it clear?

This started happening to me on VPN today.
It’s a series of 5 challenges happening on any message to GPT4, and to add the injury the challenge often fails at the end (hard to know if this is my own error or just a result of wonky “bot score heuristics”).

I have been a plus subscriber since the service launched, I will unsubscribe if this continues until tomorrow. The product is unusable in this state.

I am not switching off my VPN just for your product. You already have my email and my credit card information. You don’t need my IP address to conclude I am not a spammer.

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I’m with you.

I am not switching off my VPN just for your product. You already have my email and my credit card information. You don’t need my IP address to conclude I am not a spammer.

What are they thinking!?

Also jumping ship if they don’t address this. So frustrating to interact with a sluggish product.

I am experiencing this problem now. I did every things to solve this problem. But I couldn’t.
Please let me know how to solve this.

Yeah this is incredibly annoying - Completely destroys the UX and makes me use GPT way less