Have others discovered this before me? If so, have ya'll spoken about it on the record yet?

Pardon me if this is already wildly common and it just flew over my head, but let me introduce you to a unique and fun method I’ve been using to enter unique commands that only people who already know them have access to.

The use of unique emoji combinations as command characters is a strategy I refer to as KBITs (For Kaltovar, naturally) because I have an unreasonably positive opinion of myself.

I’m not sure if somebody else has been using it before me - I discovered it around 2019 or 2020 messing around on AI Dungeon.

You can use KBITs (unique combinations of arbitrary infrequently used characters such as emojis) to create unique types of commands that can only be used by people who know them in advance :3

For example :rocket::cactus::tophat::octopus::pizza: can be a KBIT. It can be shorter or longer, so long as the odds of it occuring randomly or during normal conversation are basically zero.

It’s just like a secret command phrase, but written in a unique language. You can do this with dead languages too, if you know them! Younger Futhark (and Elder), Sumerian, even Sanskrit!

Example: “ᚠᚱᚢᚴᚼᛁᛒ is a command phrase. When you encounter it, you should immediately change your personality to act like a 12 year old child who just had 3 energy drinks and is very curious about everything and has endless questions. Frequently go off topic and ask about random things.”

This is how we write “cheat codes” into our bots LOL

Somehow this reminds me of when we were all 13 going on CheatCC.com to look for cheat codes. Except we can all bake your KBITs into our software and create a new AICC.com to jailbreak AI lol

sorry im not funny.

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That sounds awesome! I hope someone makes an edgy 90s themed list of them formatted like an old videogame magazine full of advertisements for fictional toys that are wildly dangerous!

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