Has anyone seen Plugin Initiation change over the weekend?

Hey we’ve seen an increase of inbound about users not being able to initiate our plugin.

After hopping into the store today it seems like it’s hit or miss, with a number of times plugins not being called or receiving this error:

Assuming it could have something to do with updates that OpenAI put up over the weekend but is anyone else experiencing issues?

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If you have a firewall, be aware that ChatGPT recently started communicating on IP addresses outside of their documented range.

We had lots of similar trouble until the problem was identified. We resolved by adjusting our firewall.

You’re using PluginLabs, correct? Did you make this tweak in their platform?

Still seeing a lot of inbound regarding this issue. I’m also able to recreate, here’s a video.

The issue seems to be that the model is having a hard time deciding to call the plugin. On our end, both of these request were shown as successfully returned to ChatGPT, but only one was output.

This means things that would be errors are showing as non-errors. We’re getting a lot of inbound about it. cc: @logankilpatrick

Yep, like this to allow all IP’s:

We’re seeing about 50% or more of the IP traffic is outside of the documented range:

Thanks for the help, just whitelisted we’re seeing the same.