New ChatGPT IP addresses to Plugin allowed ip list[confirmed]

Update: OpenAI has updated their doc and add new IP ranges to the Plugin service IP list. OpenAI Platform

We are a plugin service provider, and today we have blocked a lot of requests with IP “” for not being in the allowed IP list given by the doc: OpenAI Platform

The amount was big, So I wonder, is there any possibility that new OpenAI ChatGPT ip addresses are added to Plugin service? Should I allow these requests from ip “13.66.11.xx”?

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I’ve not started my plugin-dev yet. Have they announced changed to the list before? What country is it?

They did not announce any changes to the plugin IP allowed list, and the document remains unchanged. The requests are from U.S.

I wonder if there’s some change to the list cause the number of this kind of requests is big.

I mean, it’s a solid deduction, but make sure to remember “correlation does not equal causation” … Might want to reach out to or wait to see if it’s announced. Might just be a new hacker/scammer letting loose which is why it’s blocked?

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You are right, thank you. I will reach out to

No problem.

If you search the forum or just browse the tags like plugin-development, you’ll see we have a lot of gems. Once you hit Trust Level 3, you get access to generative text AI tools here on the forum too.

Hope you stick around.

We noticed this as well while we were about to submit a plugin for review.

We don’t want to blindly allow the entire /24 without confirmation from OpenAI though.

I contacted but didn’t get a valuable response, and I still think that maybe there are some requests sent from the IP range that are not listed in the allowed IP list in the official document.

I recommend you to use the service level authentication to avoid IP filtering: OpenAI Platform

IP filtering helps us lower costs since we can drop invalid requests at the WAF level (with Cloudflare) before it evens costs us a penny.

It’s also defense in depth. Even when we use service level authentication, it’s still a good practice to use IP filtering too.

Yes, you’re right. Currently, I would recommend using the service level authentication, and perhaps add ‘13.66.11.xx’ into the cloudflare allowed IP list.

Out of interest, what happens when you block that range?

did you ever get more information from OAI on this?

I’m still getting a lot of inbound for Prompt Perfect around login issues as well as usage errors like this:

OpenAI Platform has been updated with added.


Yes you are good has been updated with added.

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The user in ChatGPT won’t able to use our plugin. And OpenAI has updated their document which add this new ip range: OpenAI Platform

OpenAI has updated the document and add a new IP range: OpenAI Platform