Has Anyone Received the T-Shirt from the Codex Challenge?

Hi I was in position #112 in the codex challenge and received the email to put in my size and address etc… and was wondering whether people has received the t-shirt or could give any update on when I could expect mine?


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I have! It came ~a week ago.

Still waiting here. I think it might be a mail delay.

I got it about two weeks ago, hopefully you’ll get yours soon.

I wasn’t good enough to rank for a t-shirt :sweat:…I ‘technically’ got the first question right but something wasn’t going through correctly.
I looked through the next questions after the fact to learn, and there wasn’t any way I was going to get them right. Hopefully someone models the shirts for us wannabees’.

just yesterday. Great shirt!

Yup, I just got mine today, awesome!!!