Codex challenge is freezing? or is it just me?

Is anyone else experiencing a freeze in the codex challenge opening? I want to know if its just me.


I have a blank page. I think we have the same issue.


Yeah it’s happening to me too


Happening to me as well.

I am also having issues. It gets to problem 1 but it won’t display it.

You need a codex access due to api request limit

I think I won’t able to get that free T-shirt. Sad

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Yes same here! Only the privacy policies and supported countries appear on the screen.

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I have access but the site wont load :frowning:

It finally loaded. Took a bit of time

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I can see the problems list now, but not the text of each problem

It should be running now, let me know if you continue having trouble [edit: still working on this, servers are overloaded, team is on it!]


I’m still stuck at loading problem 1. I can see other people completed it though. Should I refresh the page?

Yes I have the same issue :slightly_frowning_face:

Still no luck. I’ve tried refreshing and closing browser and still stuck on loading page for problem 1 /:

I was able to replicate, will follow up here when I get more info!

I had the same issue, after a while it worked but still can’t use any Codex Assists.

Are the technical issues the real Problem 1…:laughing:


I’m finally in but it started me 9 min in :frowning:

Yep, I have the same problem as well. Problems won’t even show up