Guidance requested: Switching auth provider auth0 to clerk

Hello Developer Community,

my team and I are planning to transition our authentication system from Auth0 to Clerk. A technical challenge we anticipate is the handling of existing Auth0 tokens and refresh tokens, which are not compatible with our new Clerk setup (yet). Our aim is to ensure that this transition is as seamless as possible for our current users.

Open questions are:

  • Upon changing client_url and authorization_url in the manifest, what endpoints will be called in existing installations?
  • Do users need to re-install the plugin to use the new auth urls?

We consider implementing:

  • Backwards compatibility with auth0
  • Silent migration of auth tokens → copy them to clerk

Any experiences, insights, or suggestions on managing this transition, especially regarding token compatibility and user re-authentication processes, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Actually, I was wondering how would one re-submit for review? I need to change the ClientID and ClientSecret. Does that mean I have to submit it from scratch?

Any help on this is highly appreciated.


Hey Max, did you ever go down this path? Would love to hear any learnings on this topic.