GPTs not available in iOS Chatgpt app

I built a GPT with actions that connects to the arxiv api called “Arxiv Explorer”.
but when I try to run it on the iOS chatgpt app it says:
“This GPT is not yet available on iOS”
Is this because I am using actions or is it because of something else? Will they be available in the future? I would love to voice chat with my GPT!


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How did you try to run it? Maybe try making a conversation with the custom GPT on the web UI and then continue the same conversation on the iOS app and see what happens?

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Thank you! I have been conversing with it on the web, and I have others that work well on the web and app.i really think is intentional with actions not to run on iOS but I don’t know, I just want to confirm with others having the same issue because I haven’t seen anything online, on the docs or here about it.

I am getting the same message. My GPT has actions connecting to my API.

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The same here on iOS App, but my GPT has only knowledge, no actions.

Edit: Now the GPT with knowledge is available on iOS, I see deactivated only the ones with actions.

oh really? I have one with knowledge (uploaded a file) and works well on the app for me. weird.

So is this what the problem is? My GPC was running fine on the iOS app and now in hindsight it was only after I activated the actions it stopped functioning. Even if I start a chat online and try to access from the app it give me the same message of “This GPT is not available on IOS yet”

I can confirm this as well. Only GPTs w Actions arr not accesible via the iOS app

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Does anyone know if this is something to solve in early future? Is there any ETA?


same here … also ios and also only those gpts having actions build in.

is it the same on android?

No, on Android the same GPTs with action work fine.

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I have the same issue. I built a custom gpt with actions that talk to an api. Works great on web but I get the same popup on mobile chatGPT app, ‘GPT not available on iOS or Android.’

Chatting with it on web then switching to mobile to pick up the chat results in the same blocking message.

Anyone have insight as to why these custom gpts are blocked on mobile? Makes my gpt worthless not being available on mobile.

They didn’t say ‘Android’ before, they might be monitoring this thread lol.

My best guess this is happening is because Apple is notoriously against the idea of an app marketplace within the apps on the app store. Like you can’t build an app where a third party can build and distribute an app. GPTs are close to this idea. That is why you can’t even have a cloud game marketplace app on the app store like Stadia. Other than the financial reasons, it is also a bit of security risk, I am sure none at OpenAI is monitoring and testing the APIs being added to the GPTs and the app store can’t for obvious reasons. My hope is that tested GPTs will be allowed once the GPT store becomes more established, but who knows. GPTs without actions may be enough of a gray area where you are essentially just pre-prompting the OpenAI api, which is already part of the main app.

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That is strange because it wasn’t working on my Android device a few weeks ago. I just went back to try again and you are correct, it is working on android, just not on iOS. Thanks for correcting.

Your guess makes perfect sense for Apple.

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Same issue here. I also think it’s intentional and has something to do with Apple App Store policies. Would be nice if OpenAI can address this a blog post to give us an idea of what the ETA looks like for this.


This might be why GPT store is delayed.


I couldn’t even access the OpenAI GPTs unless I did so first on the web. Mobile Safari works at least.

Looking forward to EU App Store regulations coming into effect next year. How many will be creating EU App Store accounts? :laughing:

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They seem to be working now. Not the best experience with voice chat as it asks for permission each time, meaning you have to leave the conversation to accept even if you select ‘always allow’. If I am doing anything wrong let me know.