Custom GPT actions make GPT "not available" on the Android app

I have written some basic Custom GPTs with just instructions and they work fine on the web on my PC and Android phone and on the Android app.

But a Custom GPT that has a custom action, while working on the web on PC and phone, is listed as “not available” on the Android app. I assume this is some permissions thing, since the action is calling an API and Android has strict permissions for this kind of thing.

How do we get Android to give the GPT permission to make and API call or is there some setting on the builder that I am missing?

This has happened to me as well. I don’t know how to solve it but have observed that having actions that require authentication (i.e. to zapier for example) means it is unavailable on android. When I remove the action it becomes available on android so confident this is related.

Had the same problem.
Resolved after solving an error with the action (A problem with the parameter definition).

To fix this I needed to verify domain name that I use in GPT action in my chatGPT profile.
Need to go to profile settings → Settings and Beta → Builder profile → Verify new domain → Add your domain → Verify → Here you will be asked to go to your domain provider and create TXT record and put string shared by OpenAI.

Verification was quick and after my GPT was working on the Android app

Here is the reference to the original answer by another user in discussion named “GPT assistants with API I built not working on mobile app”