GPTPlus is now only with 24 GPT4-messages per 3 hours! Not 40 messages (Updated on Nov 20 GMT+7)

°°°My method: So I typed a number from 1 to any number that it would stop and show the running-out-of notice. Then it’s always stopping after 24 messages. The 25th message could not go through.

°°°Number of samples: 2 different Plus accounts. You can help test too to increase the number of samples to make it even a stronger evidence to OpeanAI

I have videos on Reddit (Reddit - Dive into anything) too if you wanted to see the clearer evidence


I’ll have to remember to not be able to sign up.

the same here, limit of 24 in the function GPTs. In the normal chat of GPT is 40 (10 less as before). And too many errors. I need to regenerate the question, each 4 questions aprox, and every “regenerate” is one question less that I can do because of the limit.

using GPT 4 can only be 40 messages per 3 hours. my loss is wasting money by subscribing to chatgpt because I want to use GPT 4. already paid it turns out to be limited hahahahaha


stop your subscription immediately like I did!


I just did it, so frustrating, it doesn’t says anywhere that they apply such low limit to GPT-4, I feel fooled, I don’t reside in US, 20$ is expensive for me, I paid a big price to use a feature and I hit the limit, that was NOT shown before buying, in the first hours of my legit usage. That’s terrible.

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40 messages is not enough, time to look for alternatives and i’m a subscriber paying for monthly.

Just cancelled! Paying them is no longer a wise decision.