GPT4 waitlist and help center issue

I have applied for gpt 4 on the 18th of april this year i have the email too. Now I used the help center but the conversation is suddenly closed when I ask what to do. Now I’m here to ask the kind community. thanks in advance for your help!

Hi: good news, there is no more waitlist.

If you had spent even $1 of real money on usage, then your waitlist application might have been approved.

If you had spent even $1 of real money in the last few months, then you would now have been granted gpt-4 access.

For a monthly billing pay-as-you-go account, you must incur billed use to be considered for gpt-4. You’ve got another 15 days to use the API to the tune of $1+ after trial, and another 15 days to get charged.

Opening a second account for prepaid billing and feeding it money will get that account gpt-4 in the interim.

You can do this by creating a new account with different email and the same phone number and card details, load this new prepay account with $5 and you will get GPT-4 access, or you can create an API bill of $1 and wait for the next billing cycle to occure.

So if I understand correctly. I have an account i made it in april and then to use the 3.5 api i loaded the account with 5$ when I started the billing plan. I have the check too. Now when i try to use the 4 one i can’t should i load more money?

If you have an account made in April then you need to generate an API bill of at least $1 to get gpt-4 access, if all you care about is gpt-4 access then simply make a new account and load it with $5 credit, that new account will have gpt 3.5 and 4, but it will be a pre pay credit account. You can turn your credit account into a pay as you go account by giving accurate exact and valid address details for your account and credit card, i.e. they should match up exactly letter for letter, use the API regularly.

If this is the first time you ever put a credit card into the API billing interface, and just purchased credits, you likely just need to generate a new API key and use that. It should have gpt-4 as one of the features associated with the key.